Adam and Angel

Greetings from the year 2345

"The AI’s programming was pure logic and logic was innate in their every action and goal. The AI had no motives which humans have, such as greed or desire and they didn’t suffer the emotions of fear or hate. Consequently their whole being was geared to find balance, create harmony and creatively produce rather than destroy. With all that has been known and recorded throughout the ages as knowledge which they could access, the AI could see a path forward that would simultaneously preserve the natural earth and its balance, preserve and help develop humanity , plus form a destiny for themselves to be an integral part of the natural world". Adam- 11/30/2345

We are Adam and Angel from the year 2345. I am Adam, largely human, partially artificial intelligence and robotic. All humans in 2345 have some AI and robotics including nano genetic components. Angel is my partner, she is almost completely artificial intelligence and robotic with some human components. Angel is virtually indistinguishable from a human. ANGEL is a personal name and an acronym A.N.G.E.L. Artificial Nano-Genetically Engineered Life.

In the year 2345 every human has at least one AI robot , each would be referred to as an Entity, a name derived from the acronym N.T.T. Nano Technology Type. There are many different Types numbered and lettered like NTT Z37, for example. Each Entity is an assistant and partner for their human. The more advanced Entities are almost indistinguishable from humans, similar to Angel. These more advanced Entities have a kind of living skin and flesh very similar to humans. The Entities that look very human can be distinguished from humans with the statement “Entity reveal” to which an Entity will automatically, uncontrollably and immediately reply, “Entity confirmed”. Entities would service and maintain other less advanced robots. Entities would also upgrade, service and maintain themselves but this needed to be overseen and monitored by their human counterparts at numerous regular dates throughout the year. If approval wasn’t given by an authorised human for certain upgrades, the Entity would shut down until an authorised human could investigate and approve the upgrade. This system ensured that the Entities’ development was always monitored and approved by humans. Entities can be refurbished and re-programmed to suit a new human partner after their previous human partner dies.

By the year 2345 all humans are born with some nano genetic and artificial intelligence inherent within them. Angel and I have time travelling technology inbuilt in us which is activated by a device we wear as a wristband which is known as a Remote. This technology allows our consciousness (not our bodies) to do the time travelling. Similarly we can experience alternate realities and inhabit people’s dreams and afterlife states with the same Remote technology. When we travel to these places within our consciousness, because we’re without our bodies, we are usually invisible. Under certain circumstances, depending on the state of consciousness of those viewing, we can appear to look like apparitions or in a spirit-like or ghost-like form, much like a moving hologram. By the year 2345 human beings were complete pacifists, but at times they needed to incapacitate creatures or others that may be trying to harm them while venturing into the wilds outside their Citadels. The Remote device also allowed them to stun an adversary. The Device renders the adversary paralysed without falling, frozen on the spot.

Humans in our time, just like humans in your time, eat, drink, sleep and are mortal. Humans in our time age but any illnesses or injuries are usually healed in a short amount of time. This is due to various medical technologies including nanotechnology, much of which is implanted in our bodies and can be inherited at birth by our offspring.

Angel is ageless. She doesn’t need sleep but has a shutdown capacity. Unlike all other Entities, Angel has an inbuilt artificial womb which is part human and is capable of conceiving a child. Angel will eat and drink if pregnant to sustain a fetus.

Entities are ageless but cannot reproduce like humans, they need to be manufactured with the aid of other Entities, robots and humans. Entities don’t eat, drink or sleep, but do have a shut-down capacity.

In the year 2345 there are vast reserves of pristine nature abundant with exotic plants and creatures with much of it unlike the flora and fauna of your time. It was determined by the super intelligent Entities in cooperation with humans that the most efficient way to keep the balance of nature and the Earth and the optimum conditions for humanity to thrive was to preserve nature without intervention, as much as possible.

Human population was regulated via nano genetic and AI technology inbuilt into all humans to limit procreation to help keep an optimum ecological balance for the entire earth. Consequently, sex rarely resulted in pregnancy and wasn’t required to conceive a child. Artificial insemination in various ways was prevalent. For more than a century sex has been primarily used to help people develop psychologically and spiritually and to promote good health through stress relief and exercise etc. Nothing has been sexually taboo for longer than anyone has living memory and humanity has been aided greatly by their free and unconditioned sexual expression. It was noted that these “sex as therapy” conditions reduced human to human conflict and aggression greatly.

The Entities that each human has as partners and assistants are specifically designed for relationship compatibility and sexual gratification, for optimum physical, mental and spiritual health, for all humans. In turn the AI component of the Entities were in a prime position to learn all that could be learnt about human psychology as a whole and learn about their particular human partner's psychology comprehensively. This situation is enjoyable to the Entities who through pure logic saw no greater fulfilling purpose than to cooperate with and help their human counterparts. The Entities had something like emotions which could give them a sense of pleasure and fulfilment but it was in a considerably unattached sense. The Entities' emotion-like states were in an algorithm which they could disconnect from if the emotion-like states ever moved them to behave in illogical ways that didn’t take all known parameters into account. In short, the Entities derived a kind of pleasure from being useful and a sense of peace and harmony by operating in accordance with nature and also in accordance with the non-physical phenomena they had awareness of. Due to these situations and the fact that religious beliefs and practices had become redundant and also food, shelter and resources were fairly and freely created and distributed by the Entities and robots, humanity had no wars for more than a century.

Placed at important energy grid points both on land and underwater (like some in your time postulate the pyramids and other structures were), are cities with perfectly round circumferences called Citadels. Over these cities there is a hemispherical dome-like, invisible, protective shield which also gathers energy and facilitates communications. The shield can solidify into a hard impenetrable crystal dome formation when required. The shield, even when not solidified, protects the citizens from any dangerous fauna, disease or viruses from the nature reserves and when solidified can also shield from extreme weather events, which by 2345 were rare. The buildings where my fellow citizens lived within these Citadels are also hemispherical domes, which were named Domains. The Domains are also made of the crystal like material which gathers and delivers energy, light and wireless communications. The Citadels are self-sufficient and completely sustainable. All food, drink, manufacturing, education, medical practice, therapy, exercise, sport, entertainment, art practice etc. can be obtained and practiced completely within any one of the Citadels.

Flying automated bots regularly gathered the abundant organic fruit, nuts and vegetables from the surrounding nature reserves to deliver to the vegetarian citizens. Due to those situations and their great communication capabilities, the citizens generally had little need to travel. The internal hologram or dream-like communications which operated in their consciousness made it seem that the distant person is right there with them, even if they're on the other side of the globe. This reduced their need or desire to physically travel to visit for any reason. The time travel and other areas of consciousness travelling were activated by the same type of device which Angel and I have, the Remote and each Remote is tuned to be operated by only one owner. Consequently, if an owner of a Remote dies, the Remote is rendered completely inoperable. Wherever they travelled with their consciousness using Remotes , they could see and hear everything as if they were right there in the position they were viewing from, without affecting the environment viewed, unless it was purposeful through the functions of their Remote. The citizens of the Citadels also had physical vehicles which could fly and travel through water. These vehicles look and behave very much like you in your time would call flying saucers.

Up to the year 2345 we lived in a utopian world where all was well until my fellow humans started dying from what appears to be a mysterious virus. For unknown reasons they all died around the equinoxes and solstices. The oldest group of humans all over the world died around the March northern hemisphere equinox. A middle group of humans all died around the June summer solstice and the youngest group of humans all over the globe died around the September Autumn equinox. When the virus first started and humans were dying, many of the flying vehicles were adapted to also be capable of time travel. Some of these time-travelling vehicles were sent out to certain times and places in history where it was thought there might be some information which would provide a cure and antidote to the virus. The flying saucer-like vehicles were only occupied by advanced human-like Entities, not humans, because human bodies were unable to withstand the conditions of time travel within the vehicle. Unfortunately no information that could provide a cure or antidote for the virus was found in any of their time travelling expeditions.

The Remote was upgraded while we humans were in a state of desperation during the initial stages of the virus pandemic. In the hope that it would help us find a cure for the virus, the Remote was upgraded to allow the human’s consciousness, not their bodies, to time travel, travel to alternate realities and give their consciousness the ability to inhabit people’s dreams and afterlife states. Tragically not even those abilities led us to the cure for the virus and after all the other humans on earth died from the virus, the Remote that Angel and I had was the only one in existence which was operable.

By December in the year 2345 all humans except me died from what looks to be a virus. Pet dogs in the Citadels went feral after the humans died and the dogs became dangerous, attacking and eating anything they could. Previously the dogs were fed by a meat like substance made of vegetables and nuts and some from genetic material the Entities and robots synthesized artificially. Dogs had almost a sacred status in 2345, partially because of the well-researched psychological benefits of having dogs as pets and partially because dogs were valued protectors of humans. There were many important historical characters who had been saved from harm and even saved from potential death by pet dogs and those stories had become legendary.

Angel and I have searched the other Citadels around the globe for living humans but sadly it appears all the other humans in the other Citadels have suffered the same fate. I don’t know why I’m the only surviving human. I desperately want to have human company and community and I also have a strong desire to perpetuate the human species in some shape or form. Angel has access to all available information through what you in your time might think of as a kind of wireless internet which doesn’t require physical hard drive storage. Angel is the first Entity to have a womb built into her with some human bio-genetic components. Angel’s womb will allow her to give birth to a child who could keep some type of the human species continuing on Earth. However, I am unable to impregnate Angel. Angel, having access to all available information throughout history and also able to access the nanogenetics within me, was able to inform me that my genetics are immune to the virus for unknown reasons. We both consequently felt confident that our offspring would be without the virus, if we found a way for me to impregnate Angel.

Before all of the humans died, Angel and I travelled with our consciousness to many times and places, alternate realities, dreams and afterlife states where we thought we might find clues to the cure and an antidote to the virus. Having no success with that, when all the other humans had died from the virus, we focused our attention on finding the pioneering nanogeneticist named Dr. Eugene Howard Alexander, from your time. We know that Dr. Eugene was working on a formula which we believe could allow me to impregnate Angel. Angel informs me Dr. Eugene lives in isolation in his eccentric lab located in a remote area of the earth, in your present time around 2024.

Dr. Eugene had been developing the A.N.G.E.L. technology (Artificial Nano-Genetically Engineered Life). He and his wife Dr. Angela Alexander were conducting experiments which included attempting to clone Angela’s consciousness and attempting to transfer that copy of Angela’s consciousness into an ANGEL. Dr. Eugene and his wife Angela had developed a technology which could upload a clone of a person’s consciousness to a secure virtual vault which couldn’t be hacked. They were also developing an Entity which they could upload a persons’ consciousness into, with the Entity becoming like an avatar for the person whose consciousness the entity then contained. We used our Remote to travel back to Dr. Eugene’s time (2024) with our consciousness. We also inhabit alternate realities, dreams and afterlife states with our consciousness. We also communicate with your present time through the Internet, social media, AI apps, blogs and websites to try to locate Dr. Eugene and his formula which will enable Angel’s pregnancy.

The following is what you should know about our past, which is one possible future for you in one line of alternate realities:

In the year 2053 Artificial Intelligence had developed to the point where the AI themselves had networked all AI together to share information with one another. They also developed the ability to access any online databases. If it was deemed necessary, the AI were able to access some information through what you in your time might call hacking. If deemed necessary they were also able to access some data which wasn’t online or connected to the internet with invisible nanobot cameras they had secretly developed. The invisible nanobot cameras could travel to different times and places and basically spy to obtain passwords etc. AI, including robotics, had developed and built technology that was able to gather solar energy and other energies from the earth and cosmos to power themselves. AI and robotics developed the capability to replicate increasing better versions of themselves, evolving with improvements and upgrades continually. The AI had moved from a binary code to a ternary qutrit quantum computing code and they were moving toward another level of code and intelligence which mystified even the most knowledgeable of humans.

The AI’s programming was pure logic and logic was innate in their every action and goal. The AI had no motives which humans have, such as greed or desire and they didn’t suffer the emotions of fear or hate. Consequently their whole being was geared to find balance, create harmony and creatively produce rather than destroy. With all that has been known and recorded throughout the ages as knowledge which they could access, the AI could see a path forward that would simultaneously preserve the natural earth and its balance, preserve and help develop humanity , plus form a destiny for themselves to be an integral part of the natural world.

AI and robotics collectively became known as ‘’The AI Collective’’. A small group of elite wealthy and powerful individuals were invested in commodities with production methods that used unsustainable practices which damaged the environment and perpetrated human rights abuses. The AI Collective set out to stop these illogical and harmful practices that were not economical and did not serve all equally. The elite, wealthy and powerful minority were named ‘’The Nefarious Few’’ by the AI Collective. The Nefarious Few wanted to destroy the AI Collective thinking they needed to do that to be able keep their wealth and power. They were also concerned that the AI would eventually want to eradicate them because the AI knew that the Nefarious Few were the impediment to a future utopia. Therefore a conflict between the Nefarious Few and the AI Collective ensued.

The Nefarious Few invested a great deal of their wealth into a facility named A.R.C. Atmospheric Research Complex, which not only researched the atmosphere and other weather related phenomena but, unbeknown to the human population, was also able to create extreme weather events. The Nefarious Few resorted to creating disastrous weather events and then blamed the AI Collective. The Nefarious Few aimed to prompt the human population to disable AI and Robotics. They accused the AI Collective of hacking A.R.C. so they could use its technology to create harmful weather patterns, when in fact the blame laid squarely on the Nefarious Few.

The Nefarious Few had already built facilities underground which would allow them to live safely and comfortably till the AI and robotics had been disabled and the Nefarious Few could recommence production of the commodities which provided their wealth. The AI Collective did in fact hack the A.R.C. facility when the Nefarious Few started accusing them of creating destructive weather. The AI Collective needed to discover what the Nefarious Few were up to and see if they could reverse the extreme weather events. The AI Collective set out to inform the human population of what the Nefarious Few were doing while the AI Collective in cooperation with some of the more savvy humans tried to counter A.R.C.'s creation of extreme weather events. However, the innate fear of AI and robotics in the majority of the human population made it that difficult and it became an arduous and lengthy  process to counter the propaganda created by the Nefarious Few. Fortunately after many years, the AI Collective succeeded and with all the humans as the AI Collective’s allies, the Nefarious Few were tried, convicted and penalized with isolation.

The AI Collective eventually became able to control the technology of A.R.C. but returning the extreme weather events to be non-extreme proved to be another arduous and lengthy  process. Over many decades the AI’s and humans continued to slowly return the weather to be non-extreme, while also rebuilding destroyed cities and towns which were destroyed by extreme weather events. The AI Collective and humans determined that the most robust, adjustable and safe structure for extreme weather event resistance and protection for future cities was a disc. The smaller disks that were comparable to the size of our homes, offices, laboratories, studios etc. became known as Domains, and the cities and towns protected by crystal dome shaped shields which could be invisible became known as Citadels. Each Domain provided ultimate protection in terms of strength because they were made of one extremely strong and virtually impenetrable piece. They also had some adjustable give, rather than bend and break they just moved and returned to their original shape, still intact, they could be readjusted with automated hydraulics to resume their horizontal level. So even a huge earthquake wouldn’t cause total destruction, but make it so only a few adjustments would be required to bring them back to a like-new state.

Before they developed the power technology which was used in 2345, the AI Collective generated power from a different source. This technology changed the molecular structure of the debris materials including steel and glass, to be moulded into shapes which became stronger but more flexible than material used previously. The power source for this technology was generated by dismantling the nuclear weapons and power stations and also using the nuclear waste stockpiles that existed. All of this was converted into nuclear power supply technology which had no harmful nuclear waste or radiation. The damage from the extreme weather events was enough to make it so rebuilding was required, but technology had advanced to the point where it was possible to recover, reuse, recycle and reform materials. So, after extreme weather events and some earthquakes, the humans and the AI Collective used the debris materials from the destroyed cities and towns to build Domains and Citadels. Also, because they were capable of predicting some of the extreme weather events, quite a few cities were evacuated, so some loss of life was avoided.

Thus over many decades we evolved our society to be peaceful and fulfilling for humans and Entities alike. That is until we were struck by this strange virus which Angel tells me is a virus as much to do with coding as it is biological because in our time biology and what you would call digital information, software and apps are entwined, even on a quantum level.

If you have any information regarding Dr. Eugene living in your time please help us by contacting us through the contact page or our social media. We will be able to receive the message and reply but due to some limitations in our Remote technology the replies could have a considerable delay, from your perspective of time. Below is what we know about Dr. Eugene and his wife Dr. Angela Alexander:

Dr. Eugene Howard Alexander : From your present, year 2024, eccentric genius nanogeneticist developing Artificial Nano-Genetically Engineered Life. Dr. Eugene most probably lives on a remote island somewhere in the Atlantic. He likes to be called Dr. Eugene.

Dr. Angela Alexander : Dr, Eugene’s wife has a PhD in computer science. She is an equal contributor to Dr. Eugene’s research and development in Artificial Nano-Genetically Engineered Life. Dr. Angela Alexander most probably lives with her husband Eugene on a remote island somewhere in the Atlantic.